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Conversation tools are utilized for learning through discussion. These tools are useful for learners to communicate and exchange information via text or verbal communication using a computer and internet access. Conversation tools allow learners and teachers to exchange ideas, resources, and provide feedback on assignments and projects. Learners are able to contribute their own ideas and evaluate the ideas of others through written or verbal contact with peers.  This collaborative process enriches the learning process through the active exchange of information.E-Mail and Discussion Boards are asynchronous means of communication that promote the exchange and formulation of ideas. Learners are able to review their written thoughts and the thoughts of others, post peer responses, and review instructor comments.Blogs provide a forum for effective student/teacher communication in the learning environment.  Learners can use a combination of text, images, and links to research and report on topics. Internet Telephony  allow users to “call” any computer and talk with other learners to chat using a microphone and headset.