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Spreadsheets are computerized, numerical record keeping systems that were designed to replace paper-based, ledger accounting systems. They consist of a grid or matrix of empty cells with columns identified by letters and rows identified by numbers. Each cell is a place holder for values, formulas relating values in cells with other cells, or functions that mathematically or logically manipulate values in other cells. Functions are small programmed sequences that may, for instance, match values in cells with other cells, look up a variable in a table of values, or create an index of values to be compared with other cells.In education, spreadsheets are used for representing, reflecting on, and calculating quantitative information. They have been used successfully in mathematics, chemistry, physics and social studies. They support problem-solving activities which require critical thinking skills.

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Microworlds are exploratory learning environments or discovery spaces, in which learners can navigate, manipulate or create objects, and test their effects on one another. They contain controlled simulations of real-world phenomena that allow learners to manage those phenomena. In education, microworlds are being used in math and science. The emphasis in these microworlds is the generation and testing of hypotheses. MathWorlds is an example of this kind of environment.


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